God’s Character

Last year, I wrote a devotional for a staff retreat. My friends suggested that I share it on my blog, I feel like now is a good time for doing that. I hope that this serves as an encouragement for you. Here it is:


Loving enough to die for us                                                                                              Faithful enough to stay by us                                                                                                 Holy enough to be worshiped                                                                                             Good enough to share relationship with us                                                                         Just enough to discipline us                                                                                Compassionate enough to laugh and cry with us                                                     Righteous enough to pay our debt                                                                                 Merciful enough to forgive our sins                                                                                 Patient enough to pull us from darkness to light                                                        Truthful enough to convict us                                                                                          Humble enough to cleanse us.                                                                                             Gentle enough to comfort us                                                                                                Wise enough to lead us 

There is no way to improve on God’s character, he is already perfect. He always has been. Do you look at God through your own eyes? Our view of God is attached to who we are. If you are angry, you will believe that God is angry. If you are fearful, you will believe that God is unwilling to look at you in your sin. If you are apathetic, you will believe that God looks at you in the same way. But God is not completely like us. He is much greater than we think he is. He is so much MORE. 

Psalm 103:8-14 The Voice (VOICE)

8                                                                                                                                                     The Eternal is compassionate and merciful.                                                                   When we cross all the lines, He is patient with us.                                                       When we struggle against Him, He lovingly stays with us—changing, convicting, prodding;                                                                                                                                          9                                                                                                                                                      He will not constantly criticize,                                                                                              nor will He hold a grudge forever.                                                                                             10                                                                                                                                      Thankfully, God does not punish us for our sins and depravity as we deserve.               In His mercy, He tempers justice with peace.                                                                          11                                                                                                                                          Measure how high heaven is above the earth,                                                                God’s wide, loving, kind heart is greater for those who revere Him.                                12                                                                                                                                                      You see, God takes all our crimes—our seemingly inexhaustible sins—and removes them.                                                                                                                                                     As far as east is from the west, He removes them from us.                                                   13                                                                                                                                                    An earthly father expresses love for his children;                                                                   it is no different with our heavenly Father;                                                                       The Eternal shows His love for those who revere Him.                                                      14                                                                                                                                                   For He knows what we are made of;                                                                                       He knows our frame is frail, and He remembers we came from dust.


Prayer requests 

  • That I would grow in my relationship with God
  • That I would manage my gifts, talents, and time in ways that honor God
  • financial support

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Thank you for your prayer! God bless you!



I had a dream several weeks ago. I felt strongly that it should be shared, so here it is, I hope you like it!

 I was standing in a special spot where when you spoke, you could see your sound waves as light pulses on the road ahead of you. And it was just beginning to be nighttime. The Moon was rising, it was the largest moon I have ever seen, on the horizon, it looked larger than a house coming up. And there was something behind the moon which made it change colors and sizes. I looked in front of myself again, and saw the stars like rings of rainbow and they were all connected like a kaleidoscope. The light increases, and things got even more intense. The stars began to turn to a brilliant gold slowly taking over the sky. People around myself and my friends started turning into gold themselves. And you felt pure ecstasy in the atmosphere! We had more friends on the other side of a tunnel so all of us ran to find them. When we were just coming out of the tunnel there were more people turning the same gold color as the sky was and they looked like joy and contentment. And parts of them were being lifted up into the sky as they turned gold. They were all looking up, everybody was looking up to the sky. We found our friends who were weeping and collapsing with the feeling of intense euphoria. We all embraced each other crying and falling to our knees from the weight of glory.

Just a couple of years ago I was thinking of all the different ways God communicates with us. I thought that if he wanted to speak to me through my dreams, it would be best for me to write them down so I could remember and even look back on what he has shared with me. I hope this helps to stir up wonder in your life, and hunger to connect with God in a new way. He wants to meet with us in ways we have not yet comprehended. May you find what you seek and have much more added on!

Seek first the kingdom of God…



  • That I would be starving to know Jesus, and my appetite for him would be insatiable.
  • Financial support, I still have a lot of school fees to pay for SOW (school of worship)
  • That I would learn the Norwegian language daily.

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School of Worship

The time is coming when the school of worship (SOW) will be over. It has gone by so fast, I would like to share what has been going on since the last time I wrote. We have had many teachers for the last couple of months teaching on different aspects of worship leading. We have written songs and played them for our small group of people in SOW. We are currently working on our third songwriting assignment. It will be a collaboration between all of us. Then we will record that one and another in the recording studio that we have in Moa (20 minutes from our base). I’ve began writing songs in a different way, a better way. I’ve been writing for song ideas nearly every day. And I’ve been writing in a different genre as well, though I don’t have much confidence in singing it yet.

I have learned a lot and have been inspired by a lot of stories that were shared about seeing Jesus face to face. This has been the main reason and focus for which I joined  the school. I also understand better how we as people relate to God. I want that you would have the same desire as well, there is nothing that can satisfy us like the presence of God our father. I feel the need to seek his face faithfully every day, I want to get myself into the rhythm of praise and worship when I am alone with God. The mystery of who he is pulls me closer to him, I want to have a history of relationship to be able to look back and point out what he has done for me. I want to look back and see all the times he has been my comforter and friend.


  • Financial support – I still have a lot I need to pay for the SOW.
  • Discipline in my purposeful pursuit of Jesus.
  • That I would step out in the boldness and authority that I believe God is calling me to.
  • That I would cultivate the gifts God has given me, and have the wisdom about how to use them.

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Thank you for your support and friendship! God bless you!

From There to Here

From Moa to Ålesund. That may not mean much to my friends outside of Norway so I’ll explain. At the beginning of the month, we packed up nearly everything in our Moa base and moved it into the city just 20 minutes away. It required going back and forth many times with the vans and it required lifting and carrying a lot of heavy things. There is still work to be done in the new place, bathrooms and showers are being rebuilt, and soon we will begin with building a more practical kitchen than the one we currently have. The move has been very busy and very exciting, now we are trying to do the best we can with what we have. I guess that’s all a part of pioneering in a new place.

The students for DTS (discipleship training school) and SOW (school of worship) have arrived and are going through the intro week now. Intro week is about teaching guidelines and sharing schedules and showing off the city that is now their new home for a season. I especially like this last part, it’s fun to see the excitement and joy on everyone’s faces.

I have something new in my schedule here in Ålesund. Just a few days ago, I decided to join SOW. It feels like the right move and I can’t wait to begin! Joining SOW brings up a new financial need that I believe God is able to meet. But I need your help too, if  you could offer any amount of financial support, I would greatly appreciate it. If not, your prayers are just as important. Please pray for me if I come to mind while you are resting and letting your mind wander. The cost for this school is 16000 NOK, or nearly $2000 US. God is greater than all we could hope for!


  • Like I mentioned above, I need financial support for the school and for my regular bills
  • I need my heart to be aligned with what I now know in my head. Sorry if this is vague, but it’s one of those things that has to be vague.
  • For my personal relationship with Jesus to grow stronger every day.

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We have now started to prepare for the next DTS (discipleship training school). It started as it always does with GoFest in Stavern. GoFest is a ministry run by YWAM Norway, it is focused mainly on the youth in Norway, but it also has meetings and speakers for the parents. My part in the event was to help lead a group of kids in games for two hours in the morning. And in the afternoon and evenings I had time off to do what I want or to join in listening to the speakers for the event. One of these afternoons, I was able to spend with my Aunt and Uncle. They were taking a cruise along the coast of Norway and at the end of their vacation, they stayed in Oslo for a few days. Oslo is just about two hours from Stavern, so we were able to walk around a bit and get ice cream while I shared a bit about what I have been up to recently. I am glad for the time I was able to spend with them.

Then we came back to Ålesund for a short while before going on a staff retreat at Orreneset. There we had a relaxed schedule, and opportunity to go out on the lake with canoes and rowboats. There is an island in the middle of the lake, some of us went there to pick berries for some of our meals. We talked a bit about the past and future of YWAM Ålesund, during this time we also prayed for the year ahead of us. Soon we shall begin the planning and moving our base to town. The fulfillment of leaders before us.


  • God’s provision of full support while I’m in Norway and traveling around
  • For God’s presence in my life to be tangible
  • For God’s will to be done through me, that I would be bold enough to say yes to him

Thank you everyone for your prayer and support! If you want to support me financially you can give online here:Missiondispatch.org

God bless you!

I Trust You

I’ve been back in Norway now for nearly a month. I’m really glad to be here again and I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen this year. It may be my last in Norway(but I really hope it’s not!) I just moved into the main part of the city, and in a few months, we shall move the DTS(discipleship training school) to a new location. A building connected to Katedralen, we have been renting the kathedral for several years now. I’m excited for the move, and excited to see how things might change because of the new location.
Now I’ll write about what’s on my mind concerning the titled topic.
It has been easy for me to tell God “I love you”. It’s been easy to say “I know you are a good God”. But it’s been more difficult for me to say “I trust you”. Especially now when I see the numbers in my bank account dwindling. Even though I’ve seen his provision for me several times before. He says to me “don’t worry and don’t be afraid”. But I do worry and I am afraid, I don’t want to live this way, with my faith being incomplete. My biggest dream is to see Jesus face to face, maybe I’ve written about this before. I repeat it because his presence means everything to me. So, if or when I see Jesus, I imagine that there will be a shift. In the way I think, in the way I talk, and in the way I move. I pray, almost every day, sometimes several times:
“Jesus, come soon, I want to see you!”

Prayer requests:

  • To see Jesus
  • That I would be full of faith
  • That I would receive full support

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Tusen takk, Gud velsigne deg!

Truth And Promise

I’ve been trying to figure out how teaching woodcarving for two weeks will work out. This theme came up just now, but it has been on my heart for a while. How can woodcarving be taught with God’s heart behind it? A few weeks ago, I learned it is best to open my arms and let God take control. That can only happen though if I constantly keep my ears open as well. In order to be guided by God, I must be able to hear what he is saying,

A couple years ago, there was a situation that I needed to understand. I called to God to ask him, “Why isn’t this working? Why can’t I do this work? What is holding me back?” He answered. “I created you with a gift that was meant to bless others on a personal level. That is why the practical is more difficult for you.” I understood. My heart has always been wired to see the one nobody else does, as well as seeing the big person in the room. I need to know that everyone is understood and cared for. Because I haven’t always felt understood or even seen. I know what it’s like to feel like a ghost when I’m with friends and when I’m with strangers. I don’t wish to see the same in others.

I know God’s promises are well and good for all of us. I want to know the promises that God speaks to us on a personal level rather than the collective one. Even though both have great value and importance, I am more drawn by what he is saying to me when I’m awake and when I’m asleep. I’ve recently received some that have really surprised me. It started when I began to visualize myself giving God a heavy sack that contained my sin and my shame. He leaned down to touch the sack that I laid down before his feet. At his touch, it turned into a pile of gold. And he gave it back to me.

This is how he repays those who are obedient to him. You think he is asking for something too big or too difficult for you to do, but you don’t see the massive blessing he is holding behind his back for you.


Prayer Requests:

  • Financial support
  • Perseverance, I don’t want to give up!
  • The continuation of hearing from God and walking in his footsteps
  • That I would love the Bible and find joy in reading it

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God Bless You!